ALIM0115 v 72x3001 1

Machine cutting torch L 250 mm
with mixing gas nozzle

ALIM0115skracen 72x3001 1

Machine cutting torch L 110 mm
with mixing gas nozzle

Adjustable tourch lenght

Connectors Measures: GAS- R 3/8″LH; O2- R1/4″; O2- R3/8″

Mixing gas nozzles

dizne 2431v 300x2261 1

Mixing gas nozzle

Parameters of gas pressure and cutting speed for the nozzle 2431 PB/ZG for mechanical torch 1022
Thickness/ mmNozzle tagOxygenPressure PB/ZGCutting speed mm/minConsumption of propane butane m³/hConsumption of oxygen heating m³/hConsumption of oxygen cutting m³/h
1-10/02431/01 bar1.5-2 bar0.2 bar660-5400.150.31-1.3
10-25/12431/11 bar2.5-3 bar0.2 bar540-3700.150.31.7-2
25-50/22431/21 bar3-4 bar0.2 bar370-3000.150.32-2.3
40-80/32431/31 bar3-4.5 bar0.5 bar300-2500.30.32.8-3.5
80-150/42431/41 bar3.5-5.5 bar0.5 bar250-1900.30.464-8
150-200/52431/51 bar4.5-5.5 bar0.5 bar190-1500.30.465-9
200-300/62431/61 bar5-6.5 bar0.5 bar150-800.30.466-10

Nozzles 2431 are intensified and have concentrated flame preheating, which enables cutting metal with greater distance from the cutting surface.

  • Considerable savings of flammable gas and oxygen.
  • Extended service life of nozzles.
  • Nozzles are designed for operation in all working conditions with flame return prevention.

All conectors measures are adjustable to the customer demand