Who is Technovar and what does he do?

Tehnovar – Your Reliable Destination for Welding and Metal Cutting Equipment

With over 40 years of tradition, Tehnovar is a family-owned company that stands out with its own design and production of burners, nozzles, and other equipment for metal cutting and welding. Our passion for continuous development and keeping up with modern technology has positioned us as a leading company in the domestic market.

As a company that adheres to the highest quality standards, our production process is carried out in accordance with the ISO standard SRPS ISO 9001:2015. Tehnovar is present in all segments of the metal industry, providing a wide range of products for various needs.

Our professional approach to customers and high standards in business place the customers of our program at the forefront. Continuous communication with our customers and ongoing improvement of all business activities allow us to anticipate and meet the requirements and criteria of both existing and future business partners.

Choose Tehnovar and experience top-quality welding and metal cutting equipment that is the result of decades of dedication and expertise. Contact us today and rest assured that you have chosen the right partner for your needs in the metal industry.

Principles of our work

  • ACCURACY: We respect the agreed deadlines because we value our clients, a satisfied client is our priority.
  • PRECISION: Our products are manufactured with the highest precision using the latest CNC technology.
  • QUALITY: All our products are made of top quality materials, and the goal is as reliable and long-lasting use as possible.





Milutin Aničić


From an independent craft shop in 1981, when it all started until today, when both the owner and his product are recognizable internal and external market.

From his great desire to become independent, to decide and plan as he and the market will – until today when TEHNOVAR doo is one one of the few that deals with production, that resists all changes  which was passed through since 1981

With human resources, improved equipment and persistent and dignified work Both the owner and the company are proud of each other.


Kata Aničić


She joined the family company sins 1998. and with her hard and diligent work, she dedicated herself to the delicate areas of finance and accounting.

With her communicative and direct approach, she established excellent relationships with customers to mutual satisfaction.

She was appointed director position sins 2000 and has held that position to this day.

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