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Technovar - equipment for gas welding and metal cutting

As a leading company that produces torches and nozzles and other equipment for metal cutting and welding, we are present in all segments of the metal profession with our program. With a professional attitude towards customers and high criteria when performing all business activities, we want to emphasize that the customer is always our first priority.

About us
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Our services

Our company specializes in the production of top quality torches, nozzles and other equipment for metal cutting and welding. With an expert team and modern technology, we provide metal fabrication and processing services according to the given project. In addition to a wide range of professional metalworking tools, our expertise enables the fabrication and processing of metal to your specific requirements. With reliable and precise service, we provide quality products and meet the needs of our clients.

Our services

The quality of our business

Through constant contact with customers as well as constant improvement of the overall business, we strive to recognize and meet the requirements and criteria of all existing and future business partners in advance.



Our passion: Metal processing and a wide range of products

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Production of equipment for manual and mechanical metal processing

Our company combines expertise and innovation to provide quality tools that meet the needs of the metalworking industry. With a wide range of products, from hand tools to advanced machines, our equipment enables precise and efficient metal forming, cutting and welding.

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Special cutters with increased possibilities for work in metallurgy

Increase efficiency and precision in the metal cutting process with our Oxygen torches. Visit our site and explore our wide range of products to find the ideal solution for your metal cutting needs.

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We provide metal machining services on CNC machines up to Ø65mm

Our metal machining service uses the latest CNC machines that allow for exceptional control and repeatable results. Whether you need to drill, turn, mill or engrave metal, our CNC machine technology delivers high-quality results that meet the most demanding standards

Become our client

Send us your request and let our expert team turn your ideas into reality. With our experienced team and top-notch technology, we guarantee you quality manufacturing and metal processing according to your given project. Click here and start your journey to perfectly crafted metal solutions!

Our references

The success of Tehnovar both in our and foreign countries is affirmed by the numerous awards at specialized fairs: technical Fair, Belgrade, Tehnoma Fair Skoplje, Macedonia, Technical fair, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Essen Fair Germany. Tehnovar has won three gold, two silver medals, one grand prix and many others.

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